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Foodie Thing is an Instagram page that curates the most gorgeous photos and videos of food from around the world. We aren't foodie snobs, we are food inclusive and want to post pictures that capture all types of daily food cravings. Whether it's green, fried or smothered in hot fudge—we've got you covered. 


Foodie Thing is obsessed with all things food and graciously borrows its images from what it finds online, along with amazing photos that are re-posted (and credited) from other food-focused Instagram accounts.


Foodie Thing has a lasting impression on every Instagram user that discovers the page. Currently with over 70,000 followers, the "Foodie Fam" is rapidly growing. @FoodieThing, on average receives over 3 million impressions per week.


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We love to feature good eats from all over the world. If there is a photo that you would like to us to consider posting on the Foodie Thing Instagram channel please send a direct message to @FoodieThing on Instagram with the photo you would like to be featured.


Every day Foodie Thing posts a lengthy story that highlights the best of the channel. Take a food journey with the team as they post all day on @FoodieThing. Experience exclusive content, milestone achievement awards, bonus photos and even giveaways. @FoodieThing's daily story is not something you'll want to miss.

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