Client Reviews of SFJA Media's ad-services:


Showgun Food

"Working with SFJA Media really helped increase our customer base! Thank you Jonah and Andrew!"

— Joshua Nguyen, Shogun Restaurants


September, 2017

Boobs Food NYC

"Working with Andrew and Jonah at SFJA Media was an unmatched experience! Their marketing methods were very helpful for us!"

– Daniella, Katherina, Nicky


September, 2017

Bearded Food Dude

"Your page was the one that encouraged me to start my own [food] page."

– @TheBeardedFoodDude

September, 2017

Vivre post

“It is always such a pleasure working with Jonah and Andrew at SFJA Media. They truly understand our brand and have killer content." 

— Marissa, founder Vivre Bakery


September, 2017